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Buy Innokin vape Australia, Innokin vape products will take your vape experience to a whole new level. Innokin is trusted by vape users across the world because it represents quality, smart designs and durability. At VapeKing, we have a comprehensive Innokin vape range that is sure to impress in every way. Look to us for Innokin vape starter kits, mods, tanks, coils, replacement parts plus so much more.

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Innokin has been a vape device designer since 2011, delivering the highest quality and the most advanced vaporizers in the world. Experience the best of Innokin vape devices and accessories for unbeatable precision, power and comfort at Vape Store.

Innokin, an electronic cigarette hardware brand with ambition. With its equipment, Innokin has for guiding line to place itself in the “high-end” of the vape.

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To vape, puff on the tank’s mouthpiece while holding the fire button. To adjust the tank’s airflow, rotate the collar on the bottom of the tank. As you vape, the indicator light on the Innokin Go S changes colour to let you know how much battery life remains. When the light is green, the battery is nearly full.