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Uwell vape for sale

Uwell vape for sale was established. The brand name originates from “I WISH YOU WELL”, which fully embodies our mission to build a platform for a better life. As the first product, the CROWN I atomizer impressed users with its authentic flavor and premium quality, UWELL has since marched into the e-cig market

Given all of the qualities of vape kits outlined above, the success of the Uwell Caliburn series can best be ascribed to how well these fabulous kits just nail everything that makes a pod kit such an easy to use and satisfying vape device, for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Where to buy uwell vape australia

From personal experience, the 1ohm coils last the longest, between 1-2 weeks. However, the 0.8ohm, which is marketed as lasting the longest, often burn out after around 3 days.